Making a Splash

Our first Seoul International Women’s Association Book Club was held on Tuesday. An hour-long journey across town (by foot, subway, bus, then on foot-uphill of course-again) rewarded us (my pal Vicky and me), with a meeting place in the (very) upscale home of one of the members.

The book, The Winter Queen, was set in Russia and our hostess was Russian. She served champagne and caviar and the discussion was good (not Second Tuesday Book Club good…but good).

There were 12 ladies there – 3 of us from the US, one German, A Swiss woman, our Russian hostess, and the remainder of the ladies had Korean heritage. But, they have all been living in other countries. Very interesting.

Making a splash (literally) with this new fancy group, I made a sweeping gesture and destroyed a beautiful Waterford flute, sending champagne flooding the dining table.

You can take the girl out of Texas……

Of course, I was mortified. But my unfortunate debacle opened the discussion, revealing a plethora of stories of just about every other person at the table having done the same thing-at times, in even more embarrassing circumstances than mine.

Our gracious hostess said that, in Russia, a broken glass is considered good luck. “You’re welcome ” I said to her and her Waterford.

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