Welcome to my site! I’ve been thinking about doing this since Julie & Julia! I don’t have a stated mission for the blog – I just want a place to document and share (and save in one spot!) my thoughts, travels, recipes, and projects. If anybody finds it interesting or useful…all the better!

I’m a 57 year old wife, mother, grandmother…former educator, current writer and educational consultant and beach bum (that’s the best job of all!). After three decades in public education (me) and corporate engineering (him) my husband (henceforth to be known as “Sugarman”) up and quit it all and moved to the beach! What was to be a 6 month experiment turned into an 8-year (and still going) lifestyle. We are happier, healthier, more engaged in church, community, and life than ever before! Who would have guessed?

Sugarman trains engineers around the world on topics of energy efficiency in buildings. I tell you this because much of our lives these days involves travel. (Again, a good gig, if you can get it – especially for me since I just ride along and don’t have to do any work). Just this year we’ve been to China, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico (twice!), Disney World (twice!), the Eastern Caribbean, India, London, Paris, Vancouver, Victoria Island, Alaska, New York, and Chicago (whew!). I plan to share some of our good finds (food and fun) here on this site. My whole life, I wanted to travel. While the kids were young, of course, there was neither time nor money for such. I used to joke that our summer vacation would be to Ennis (the next town over from our hometown) to go bowling. I guess the message is “name it and claim it.” Dreams do come true.

When we’re home, i enjoy sitting on the deck (ok, maybe drinking a little wine) and reading, entertaining friends, cooking (eating!), working in our church (you’ll hear more about this and my “job” as head of the Administrative Council later), singing in our Praise and Worship choir, learning cello (at my advanced age, this is no piece of cake), crafting, and participating in community theater (never….NEVER in a million years would I have guessed that I would do this….and CERTAINLY never believed that Sugarman would do it). Actually, this year I’ll be “starring” as Wicked in our own little Way Off Broadway version of The Wizard of ODD (yep, I said ODD- and I meant it!).

So, I’m glad you are joining me here. I love to hear about all the wonderful things you guys are up to. I stand amazed at the ingenuity and creativity of people in general, and bloggers in particular. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, but what I know is that if I wait until I have it all perfectly planned, it’ll never get done…so I’m just gonna dive in!


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