Life and Love in 100 Words: Fig Newtons

I was recently given an assignment in a writing class to write a “tiny love story” (a la New York Times Modern Love). The word limit was 100. Funny how 100 little words can take you right back…

Fig Newtons

That night, we sat on the lanai at the Kauai Beachboy Hotel and had Fig Newtons and Mai Tais for dinner. We were both twenty years old and had been married exactly five days; 120 hours.

Forty-seven years of good days and bad days. More good than bad, to be sure. Births of three sons and four grandsons and deaths of all four of our parents. Highs and lows.

On the good days, we dance and laugh and sip a little wine.
On the bad days, we sit on the lanai and eat Fig Newtons and drink Mai Tais.

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