Nana, can you make….

I love it when my kids ask me to do something for them. A few weeks ago, I got an email from Jack, saying that the boys “wondered” if I could make some Pokemon costumes.

Well…yes, I can.

Jack sent some photos of their chosen characters and I got a load of felt from Joann’s and started having fun. Coby told Mack (while I was out on a Pokemon donut run on Sunday morning) that “Nana’s costumes were definitely the highlight of this trip.”

Be still my heart.

I failed to get a photo of Henry in his costume, but he did love it. He wore the “muscle shirt” the whole weekend (I stitched quilt batting to the underside of a t-shirt in the contour of a six pack). He also had a second set of arms made from a swimming noodle. I crack myself up.
They had a really good time, making up stories and acting them out in their costumes.

But, really…I had the most fun.

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