Jiggidy Jig

There are two storms a’brewing in the gulf (one headed our way, looks like), a global pandemic, friends and loved ones with illnesses that break my heart. My back still hurts (a lot) from an injury last week, and worries flood my mind.

But, for today…it’s all ok. Mack is home!

6 months and 4 days since I saw him off on the corner in San Miguel, when the airport transport picked him up to take him home to Seoul. Who would have guessed? Just another reminder that we always have to tell the ones we love how much they mean to us. You just never know. Thankfully, I’ll have another day to remind him how much these 45+ years have meant to me.

A guy who starts to panic about a haircut after three weeks, he hasn’t had a cut in almost 7 months. The immigration guy at the airport said that he looks like “a professor.” (A mad professor, a crazy man, an Albert Einstein impersonator). I ordered a hair cut kit off of Amazon and will work on it today or tomorrow (before Hurricane Laura evacuation).

I’ve had a productive and good 6 months. Finished writing a full-length book and several newspaper articles and BLOG posts, learned to do stop-motion animation, made two quilts, five blankets, several knitted Santa hats, and 3 movies. Dumpster dived and refurbished several pieces of furniture, created a tropical paradise out of “rescued” plants (from my sister’s yard and neighbors’ generosity), made a jillion hand-painted pillows, read 42 books, and rode Poppy’s bike every day.

But truth be told, I’ve just been treading water.

Now, life can resume. He’s home. And, I’m home.


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