Sweet Stuff

I have always loved cupcakes. A Hostess Twinkie, a raggedy old cupcake iced by a grand kid, a beautiful cupcake from Sprinkles in New York City. Any old cupcake in a storm…

So, when the Seoul International Women’s Association advertised a cupcake decorating class last fall, I jumped right on it. Of course, I didn’t have any of the multiple decorating tools that I have acquired through the years…but that’s no step for a stepper! Especially when there’s a WHOLE STREET of bakery supplies right there in Seoul. Alley after alley of the most delightful pans, piping tips, food colors, sprinkles, and cupcake papers and boxes. I loved it!


It was especially fun to learn some new decorating techniques, which I used for a Tex-Mex party with my Korean friends. I had a Frida Kahlo theme (see earlier post), and decorated my cupcakes to mirror the headbands that Frida wore. Such fun!


Then, back in December, that same cute cupcake teacher gave a workshop through Global Village, for cake pops. I had never made a cake pop before, but I’ve always loved the look and the idea of them. Come to find out, they aren’t that hard. And, there are a million ways to decorate and display them.


I guess that most folks don’t go all the way to the far East to learn to decorate a cupcake or a cake pop…but I say, make hay while the sun shines! Those fabulous decorating supplies will definitely find their way back home to Texas.


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