Nana, Can You Make Me a….

The most precious words to this Grandma are, “Nana, can you make ….” (fill in the blank). Of course, the answer is ALWAYS yes.

Jack and Stephanie invited me to go to Scarborough Faire with the gang last Sunday, and it was great! The weather was nice and cool and the crowd didn’t show for several hours, so it was calm and nice. The kids were perfect (I always say that and it’s always true:)

As we were leaving, Coby saw a really cool knight costume hanging in the front of a store and asked me if I could make that. The other boys wanted one too. So, of course I said yes.

Though I am moving to the whole other side of the world in four days, here’s my take on the matter…the stuff will either be ready…or not… when the movers get here on Saturday (yes, that is day after tomorrow).

It will all work out. But, my opportunities to fulfill a request for my Fab Four are limited. There will come a time when I won’t know how to do what they request…(like build a computer or tame a snake).

So, here’s what I did instead of work. I think I made the right choice (and I don’t care what the movers think).


Oh my goodness….my heart hurts looking at these photos. I can’t wait to get home to see these cuties.

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