42 Anyone?

These cute cookies are so easy to make. Just use your regular sugar cookie recipe and cut them out using a square cookie cutter. Then cut them in half again. As you can see, I iced them in white and put the dots on with a black gel icing that I bought ready-made. 

One of the biggest traditions in my family is a rousing game of 42. It will probably come as no surprise to any of you that I am a pretty bad player. But, I do love it.

I was always partnered with my dad, the primo player in our family. Somehow, before the first round was finished, he knew exactly where every domino was in everybody’s hand. Always gracious, he always chose me to be his partner. I knew that I was his handicap.

He’s been gone for over a decade now, but I can’t look at a set of dominoes without thinking of him. Our kids all play and we always talk about Poppy when we do. Bittersweet.

Several of our pals in Midlothian are big 42 players. And, a few would like to be. So, I invited a bunch over to play. I had been to the beach that week, so I thought that it would be a treat to serve fresh Gulf Coast Shrimp Cocktails. I’ve eaten shrimp around the world, and none of it is as good as the fresh ones they pull out of the bay across the highway from our beach house.


So, the gang came over. I had a Pomegranate Fizz bar and a Shrimp Cocktail bar and some domino-shaped cookies. We had a blast. We laughed, and talked, and reminisced about our days at school and our kids when they were little, and got all caught up.

*Not everyone in our little groups partakes of alcohol. So, I thought that a make-it-yourself Pomegranate Fizz bar would make it easy for everyone to make that choice. I provided both Prosecco and Club soda to add to the other ingredients. The sign makes it easy to do-your-own-thing.

But, we didn’t play 42! Not a single hand. Well, maybe next time.


*I LOVE cardstock, and keep stacks of it in every color. I found templates for these goodie boxes online. I think everybody needs a little snack (nuts & M&Ms) while playing dominoes. We ate them, even though we never played a hand:)  

**These are really easy to make and can be used for so many things…soccer snacks, little gifts, cupcakes, etc. Fun and very inexpensive. Tip: purchase a bone folder. It will make your folds crisp and so much neater.

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