The Magic of Ordinary Days

I got a bonus today when Jack asked me to babysit for a few hours while he and Steph went to a TCU event.

The boys and I went on an adventure as snake-hunters (thank goodness, we were unsuccessful) at the “creek” near our old house. While there were no snakes, we did find a crawdaddy, which we all mistook for a small lobster.

Every boy “accidentally” fell into the three-inch roaring stream, so their evening will be serenaded by thundering sneakers.

These guys have my ❤️

I am guilty of wanting every experience with the boys to be an event. Pinterest-worthy. I want a theme and costumes and homemade cookies and pajamas that match the theme. But, you know…our best times are unplanned. Times when Jack calls at the last minute to see if I can spend an hour or two with my four favorite people. Give a boy a stick and a puddle to “accidentally” fall into, and he doesn’t need a theme.

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