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Celebrating New Life!

The babies are here! Twins born on July 8. Two little miracles, weighing in at 6 pounds 2 ounces and 6 pounds 8 ounces. Wow! Our daughter-in-law, Stephanie, was a trooper throughout it all. She deserves mega-kudos for ensuring the safe delivery of these two delicious bundles into the world. It could not have been easy to carry around almost 13 pounds of “people” (as Papa says). She did it with dignity and grace…all the while corralling a 2-year old!

When Baby Coby was born, I made Tie Dye shirts that proclaimed, “Peace, Love, Joy…Baby Coby.” and Jack and Steph gave them out to visitors at the hospital. They were pretty cute, but how many tie-dye shirts can one have?
So, I thought and thought about what to do for the twins. I actually decided that I wouldn’t do anything. Probably, the kids were tired of my foolishness and would rather handle things themselves.

NOT! About 3 weeks before the twins were born, my son said to me,
“Our friends are wondering what you are going to do for the twins. They are still wearing their Coby t-shirts.” Yikes, I thought. And, then I got busy.

The theme of twins was too good to waste. (How many more times would I have this opportunity, I thought?). So, I thought of all the things that I could, having to do with twins, pairs, doubles, etc. and came up with a goodie bag containing: Reese’s peanut butter cups (“two great tastes that taste great together”), Double Bubble bubble gum, a PAIR of socks, and of course, good old Noah. Naturally, we had to represent the most precious pair of all: Alex and Henry!

My sister found an adorable mint-condition baby basket at a garage sale, so we packed the gift sacks into that basket and delivered it to Steph’s hospital room just in time for the well-wishers to commence! (it was actually overflowing- this photo is about 1/2 way packed).

My sister (note, she is involved in most of my shenanigans!) taught me how to bead socks, so I made several pairs of beaded socks for the little girls and a couple of big girls (ones that I knew liked crazy stuff) to add to the package.


When I traveled to China and Japan last year, I learned to do some simple origami. I added a couple of little origami hearts to a card and put a (copied) poem with it. Says it all!













I couldn’t resist using good Old Noah…I mean, really, when you think of two of anything, you have to go straight to Noah! I printed a cute black line master of Noah’s Ark onto some watercolor paper, then watercolored some of the elements of the picture. I found some really cute “baby zoo animals” at Hobby Lobby and added a pair to each gift pack.







These two little bundles of deliciousness are home and doing well. We do thank Heaven for little boys!

We are so thankful for their health and look forward to years and years of fun with                                                            Alex and Henry.                                                                                                                                                       

Well, DOUBLE the fun!






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