A Night on the Town

My niece Nikki is the closest thing to a daughter that I’ll ever have.  She is about the age of my three boys, and grew up with them. She was actually the “best man” at my youngest son, Jack’s wedding. A beautiful girl…she is as smart and sweet as she is pretty. It is always a thrill to get to spend a little time with her.

Sugarman and I are in Austin tonight, on a business trip. We had the pleasure of taking Nikki out to a dinner of wine and tapas at a fun restaurant named Vino, Vino. Lots of goodies – cheese, calimari, mussels and fries, and some great goat cheese cake. YUM!

I am always impressed (though not surprised in the least) at how beautifully she has grown up. One of the joys of getting older is watching these “kids” grow up to be such astonishingly fabulous adults.

Nik, it was a pleasure. I love you.  -em

My sister (Nikki’s mother) observed that the “nut does not fall far from the tree” (commenting on the following photos!)

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