Older AND Better

The infamous Pirates and Petticoats will be performed for the final time at the 6th Annual Jane Long Festival, held the second Saturday in October at Fort Travis Seashore Park. With the magnificent Gulf of Mexico as a backdrop, Linda Elissalde brings to the stage a (mostly) historically correct, entertaining, and witty account of the life of Jane Long during her time at Bolivar Point.

For those of you who have forgotten your Texas history, (or for you from out-of-state, who got here a fast as you could) Jane Long is known as the Mother of Texas. She wintered at Fort Las Casas on Point Bolivar during the coldest winter in history, 1821, alone except for her young daughter Ann and servant girl Kian. That winter, she gave birth to one of the first Anglo children born in Texas and later helped give birth to the Republic of Texas by providing assistance to such well known Texans as Sam Houston, Mirabeau B. Lamar and Stephen F. Austin. Hers is a story of bravery, wit, and loyalty.

I continue to be amazed at this crazy life. Every day on the Bolivar Peninsula is a new adventure. It’s funny how meeting just one new person can change the trajectory of your whole life. Meeting Linda and saying “yes” to the Scottish dance totally changed everything and opened opportunities and friendships that we had never dreamed of.

People here on the peninsula are vibrant and full of life. They have taught us the most important lessons of our lives. They taught us that getting older doesn’t mean getting serious and boring. Getting older doesn’t have to mean losing touch with friends or rocking and knitting (though I do love to rock and knit!). They taught us that every day is a gift and that the greatest thanks we can give God is to enjoy each day and bring joy to as many others as possible. Sing out, Louise…it’s a new day!

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