Chalk Paint Love

I have fallen in love with Chalk Paint. When I emptied out our (several) storage units when we moved to our new house, I couldn’t bear to do away with several (kinda pitiful-looking) pieces of furniture that had been stored for over a decade. My grandmother’s chairs that had been damaged in Hurricane Ike, an old sewing machine table that had been in my mother’s garage, an old high-chair that was in my mother’s garage, a kind of tacky mantle that I bought years ago at a resale shop…all pieces that wouldn’t really “go” in our new house as is…but tuned out beautifully when chalk painted. I bought some antique white chalky paint at Home Depot for $18.00, which worked well. I also bought chalky paint (in some great colors) at Walmart for $5.00. Both worked well.

I LOVE working with this chalky paint. The thing I love best is that there is no pre-sanding required. The end of the project requires some “distressing” by using sandpaper, but I think that is really fun and a way to get rid of frustrations 🙂

I am actively searching through my stash of old furniture and picture frames for other goodies to chalk paint. In years to come, I’m sure that people will be able to date the year we moved in to our new house, based on the number of chalk-painted items that are displayed (kind of like the turquoise kitchen appliances or toll painted pictures on the wall). I don’t care. It’s my new favorite thing.

I began my chalky paint spree with an unapologetic exact copy of a Pinterest project. The high chair was one that my mother had purchased, second-hand, when Trae (our oldest boy, who is now 37) was a baby.  It was kind of a mess, having been in her garage for a long time. She gave it to me when our first grand baby was born, but it was such a mess that I never used it. Now, we use it every week when the babies come over for dinner.


The old high chair - Before
The old high chair – Before


Distressed detail
Distressed detail


Painted detail (copied EXACTLY fro Pinterest!) Why mess with perfection?
Painted detail (copied EXACTLY from Pinterest!) Why mess with perfection?
Complete...well, almost.
Complete…well, almost.
NOW, it's complete!
NOW, it’s complete!

Off topic, but just an observation…Isn’t this an absolutely, perfectly beautiful baby?


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