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Dear Friends,

This coming Saturday, Mack and I will close one of the most special chapters of our lives…we will be leaving our “beach bum life” and heading back into civilization. Of course, the next chapter promises special and remarkable things of its own – grandbabies and exciting professional challenges.

For nine years, we have lived a charmed life on the Bolivar Peninsula – When we bought the beach house, we intended to stay only a couple of months, then rejoin our “real lives,” keeping the beach house as a weekend/holiday place. It was just so much fun, that we kept on keeping on (as Poppy would say).

The promise of two new grands to join our already most adorable Coby (in July) has caused us to reconsider the next phase of our lives. We will be moving into downtown Fort Worth this weekend – keeping the beach house for weekends and holidays, as originally intended.

Mack and I are both beyond excited about this new adventure. Though our years at the beach have been filled with friends and fun and amazing personal growth, to be near our grandkids, available to be a real part of their lives, is the most exciting chapter ever.

I will admit to a bit of nostalgia when we left our weekly crab nacho date at the Tiki Bar last night. I guess that we will now, officially be “weekenders!”

I continue to marvel at the way the Lord has blessed us. Providing the perfect opportunity for Mack to continue with his WiseWatt development and his speaking engagements while mentoring young engineers (minutes from our precious grandbabies!) is a situation we couldn’t possibly have even known to ask for. His Grace is amazing.

We still plan to spend a lot of time at the beach. When you have saltwater in your veins…it’s a necessity. Come and visit!

xxoo – Melanie

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