FarEastTexas…Nana's World

It’s all about me…just kidding!

I am so happy that you dropped by my blog! I’m not famous or beautiful or even particularly brilliant, but like all women of a certain age, I have things to say. I love to read your stories and I hope that you will enjoy mine.

I am a 62 year old wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, friend, and teacher (though I haven’t been in a classroom full-time for several years, I believe, “once a teacher, always a teacher”). I love to cook, bake, sew, craft, paint, decorate, read, travel, write, play with grand babies, entertain, and pretend to garden. That’s what this blog will be about – all of these things. Because, I don’t think that any of us are one-dimensional. We all have lots to talk about.

With a doctorate in Early Childhood education, I am a dangerous grandma:) There’s nothing I like any better than to plop down on the floor and play with, read to, or just observe my precious (brilliant, astonishing, unique…) four grand sons. I have continued to study the way that young minds work and grow, and I will share some of that on these pages as well.

I am lucky to get to travel a great deal. The travel bug is in my genes – my dad was an international salesman who was actually gone more than he was home. My strong mother held down the fort until he returned, and of course, we just adored him. Only now, as an adult, do I understand that she was the real hero in the family. I will talk about her in this blog as well. I will share my travels, hoping to inspire you to head out as well.

A close second to loving to spend time with the adorable grand babies (we moved 5 doors down from them last year) is my love of writing. Writing LifeStory, to be precise. Several years ago, my husband Mack and I joined a group of septuagenarians and octogenarians in a LifeStory class in Galveston. We were the youngest in the class (at only 55 – the age at which one was eligible to join). It was life-changing! While I had always loved to write, joining this group gave me an understanding of the substance and significance of telling one’s own story. I have spent the past 7 years writing my own stories and teaching others to write theirs. That will also be shared on this blog.

I am never bored. On the rare rainy day when I’m feeling a little blue, I can just dig into my stash of yarn or fabric and start a project, or pull a book from my over-stocked shelves and lose myself in a great read. Mack loves it when my “boredom” results in a batch of cookies or and Italian feast. That happens sometimes, too!

Anyhow, please join me asI explore the Third Act of life in what I intend to be the most exciting phase yet! Please leave me comments and your own stories. That’s how we do an old fashioned conversation-across-the-back-fence in these modern times.