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Christmas in July

Let me tell you about my skirt…I had a little time on my hands

back in November 🙂 For some reason, I decided that I wanted to make a Christmas Tree Skirt – one that I could wear. Since that was my first Christmas as a grandmother, I decided that we needed to start some new traditions. Additionally, our church “band,” the Sanctuary Sisters were going to do a “gig” at the old folks home in the next town over. So, of course, it all makes sense to you now…right?

Anyhow, once I got started, I couldn’t hardly stop. My sister, Tammy (who gets me into lots of trouble, and always has) suggested that, instead of just doing a Christmas theme, that I should tell my life story on the skirt. So, that’s what I did (I’m very easily persuaded!).

So, I designed and made, and beaded my life story: from the church where Sugarman and I were married 38 years ago, to symbols of all of the foreign places I’ve traveled, to the boys, the grand baby, the train the the boys played with all those years ago, to my “crafty” mother, to my sisters and my good friends, the Gardenias, etc., just about everything is depicted on the skirt. I think it’s a major hoot (I’m also easily entertained).

My plan is to take a picture of me in the skirt, with the grand baby (or grand babies, if we are so blessed) each Christmas. 

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