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Downsize? Never!

I think that the word “hoarder” may be a little harsh, but I’m not sure. I’m at the beach, with the express purpose of moving furniture and stuff from the bedrooms in anticipation of the new carpet which is to arrive next week. (I’ve been working on this carpet thing for a very l-o-n-g time – it’s not easy to get people to drive out here to do stuff).

In order to save the $300 that they would charge to disassemble the beds (remember, I like to save my $$$ for monster trucks and read-alouds), I insisted that I could do that myself. I have a long history of carrying king-sized mattresses up and down staircases, balanced on my head (a story for a different day). Truth is, the beds are the least of my problems. STUFF is my challenge. Though the carpet installers claim that they will move everything except the beds…I kinda doubt it. Or, if they really do, it would take them all day. So, I’m working on it.

It’s a slow process because everything has a story that I have to stop and consider. Not that I’m getting rid of anything. Not a single thing. I love it all. Mind you, nothing has any monetary value. These are not collectors’ items (hoarder’s items, perhaps).

Like, the papier mache wedding cake that I made for the rehearsal dinner for Trae and Corie’s wedding. Then, a couple of years later, I made a papier mache mermaid when Tammy and I took a trip to San Miguel. So, of course, I put them together to make a papier mache wedding cake with mermaid topper. Priceless! Nobody’s getting rid of that.

Or, maybe Mel’s shark-in-a-jar from 1985 (Animal lovers, don’t hate me. It was already dead, and it was PC 32 years ago). Now, just consider that I am giving him a loving forever home.

How about the ceramic figurine that my mother’s brother brought her from his tour of duty during the Korean War. She gave it to me years ago and I have cherished it.







Or, the paper birthday hat that I made for my mother’s 75th birthday? I particularly like the “quote” that I put on it saying, “Yes, Melanie has always been my favorite child.” – anonymous birthday person. Ok, maybe I made that part up, but since it is written – and written on a really cute hat – it must be true!

Maybe the “storyteller” that my university colleagues gave me at my first Higher Ed. conference (Santa Fe) could go. I was still starry-eyed about actually being a real live college professor when they presented it to me as a reminder of the hard work it took to get there. Now, it reminds me more of story times at Jack’s house – a much more fun thing to do!

Or the music box that Daddy brought me from Venice 45+ years ago. It’s missing a leg and is womper-jawed, but it’s worth its weight in gold to me. I opened it up and found both Mack’s and Jack’s high school rings. Go figure.



Oh, I could go on and on. The kitchen, living room and dining room (which have wood, not carpet) are full (and I still have the Master b/room to go).

I’m not getting rid of a thing. I like my stuff. I have told my kids that, when I die, just pick up what they want (which is probably nothing – like I said, it’s worth NOTHING), then open up the doors to the neighborhood to get whatever they might want. Call Goodwill and get rid of the rest. A one day process at most.

I’m not downsizing in this lifetime. Nope, I’m not gonna do it and nobody can make me.

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