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Monster Trucks Replace Trash Trucks

Monster Truck Cake2

It happened on Valentine’s weekend. The migration from trash truck enthusiasts to monster truck lovers! For some reason, I feel a little sad about it. Somehow, it’s a rite of passage. For a couple of years, every sentence from Coby had something to do with trash trucks. When his preschool teacher did a shared writing experience about the things the kids liked about Spring, Coby answered, “Trash Trucks.” I thought it was charming. Papa was a little concerned.

Well, as child development dictates, he moved on from an obsession with Trash Trucks to one with Monster Trucks. I guess it’s the first of many changes that we will have to endure.

Papa had spent a couple of weeks working in Vietnam and wanted nothing more than to have a delightful, low-key evening with the babies when he got home. So, I picked him up at the airport on Monday morning, surprising him with a late lunch get-together in the back yard with his favorite boys – Coby, Alex, Henry, & Baby Luke…and their dad Jack.

After two weeks of pho and snails and seaweed, I thought that Papa might enjoy his favorite home cooked meal – spaghetti and meat sauce made from the recipe I learned at cooking school in Italy. I was right!

The big hit of the afternoon, however, was the Monster Truck Cake. I bought each of the boys a new monster truck, washed it in the dishwasher (sterilized) and used them as cake toppers. It was a fun homecoming.

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