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Mack has been working up in Montana for the past few weeks, and so I’ve been traveling with him. What a treat! It is beautiful, cool, and very different here. We left Dallas at 106 degrees, to reach Montana a few days later at a delightful temperature of 40 (at night). Wow! Cool, crisp (and a little smokey, truth be known – they’ve had some fires up here and it’s doing a little number on my asthma!).

We took the opportunity last weekend to go to Glacier National Park and took the deliciously precious park bus (17 passenger, built in the 1930s!) on an 8 hour tour up the “Road to the Sun.” Absolutely breathtaking! We have wanted to do this for several years – since we first started working some in Montana, but the road is only open about 2 months a year. This was our first time to be here during those months.

It was well worth the effort. We stayed at Pine Lodge in Whitefish, which was a wonderful little hotel. We ate at a fabulous little creperie downtown, and i bought two gorgeous baskets (I should have bought more – of course, now that I don’t have access!).

On the way up to Glacier, I pulled into a beautiful quilt shop, where I could have hung out all day (Sugarman in tow, however…enough said!). He was really quite fabulous about stopping along the way – a change from years gone by when his Type A personality was more engaged. He is chilling into a great old guy (to go along with this old gal). I bought a “kit” (a cute bow tied around the fabric that I will need to complete) for a Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar quilt for Coby. That is his favorite book, and I just loved the colors and prints on the fabric for this particular quilt.

At another quilt stop (I told you Mack has mellowed!), I ran in to check a few things out, and Mack followed me in a few minutes later because he had seen the sign in the window, that they sold “long-arms.” I have been talking about wanting one, and he was anxious to see what they were like. I think that the $18,000 price tag cooled his jets a bit, but he’s on-board for that “one of these days.” I’m going to visit my friend, Brenda, later this month – and take a look at her machine. I’m anxious to explore this new hobby.

Anyhow, now we are staying at the cabin of a friend up at Georgetown Lake near Anaconda, Montana. Absolutely beautiful…no tv…no internet (I’m doing this at a coffee shop), but breath-taking views all around.

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