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Memory Pillows

John has been a part of our family for over 45 years. He married my cousin Holly 40 years ago, but was a part of our hearts from the first time he knocked on her door for a date – cute and shy and dressed in a suit – to go to a movie! Those were the days!

Anyhow, John and his family have been beloved to the rest of our family for decades. Recently, his precious and feisty mom passed away. She was a character and a half! We were guests at their beach house many times over the years – leading us to a love of Crystal Beach and the purchase of our very own beach house when we were able. So, to make a long story short, Donie (John’s mother) was special to us all.

Shortly after Donie’s death, my cousin Holly (who is very gifted, talented, crafty, etc…but can’t sew a stitch to save her life) asked me to take three of Donie’s old bathrobes and make them into pillows for the kids (the kids, who are 30+ now…where did the time go?) Of course, I was pleased to do whatever I could for John – one of my favorite people on the planet.

I thought about it for a while, then e-mailed Holly to ask for a photo of each of the kids with their grandmother.

Using the same technique that I used for a couple of quilts that I have shared on this website earlier, I cut up Donie’s bathrobes, patched photos of her and each grandchild into the design, and embellished with the buttons, buttonholes, and pockets from the well-loved bathrobes.

I love the way that they turned out. I didn’t buy a thing…just used all of the different parts and pieces of Donie’s well-worn robes. The grandkids and John will have a comfy reminder of their precious grandmother from now on.

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