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Graphic Novels – All Grown up!

I have fallen in love with a whole new genre – the graphic novel (for grown-ups). I went to a wonderful workshop on graphic novels when I was in San Miguel. I actually went because it was the only option that held any interest at all during that time slot. And, I was set free!

These are not your grandpa’s comic books! The ones that I have fallen in love with combine graphics with historical fiction, memoir, and cookbooks.
I hated comic books as a kid (also hated cartoons – still do) and while I didn’t outlaw them with the boys, I certainly didn’t love it when they chose to read comics instead of great lit-ra-ture. But, as we say, live and learn.

My next project is to rework the Alexandra Payne book, keeping the arc of the narrative, but telling the story through scrapbook-style pages. It’s a technique that really excites me (all old early childhood teachers like to cut and paste). Use of photos, artifacts, ephemera, and type-written storyline. Such fun!

The three books that I have just finished this week that fall in to this category are: The Fairy Tale Girl by (artist) Susan Branch. A memoir. The War Bride by Caroline Preston (archivist). A work of historical fiction. And, Cooking for Jeffery by Ina Garten (cook). While this last one might not strictly fall into this category, I think it does. I read Ina’s cookbook as if it were a novel, loving every tidbit she gave about her life with Jeffrey. The pictures of the food and gardens, but most especially, the photos of Ina and Jeffrey intrigued me. So, I’ve decided that graphic novel (like beauty) is in the eye of the beholder.

I have asked for a real live typewriter for my birthday. I already have the scissors and glue.

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