Six Tomatoes

In our culture of achieving and acquiring more and more stuff and status and success, helping our children to recognize true abundance is one of the greatest lessons we can … Continue Reading →

Stranger Than Fiction

Sugarman and I have out of town for a week, so I’ve been a little out of touch with the goin’s on here at the beach. When I opened my … Continue Reading →

A Night on the Town

My niece Nikki is the closest thing to a daughter that I’ll ever have.  She is about the age of my three boys, and grew up with them. She was … Continue Reading →

All Who Wander are Not Lost

It is a well known fact that I am directionally challenged. I can’t read a map to save my life. For years, I thought that “north” meant “up.” This is … Continue Reading →

Warm Stitches

My good friend Betty had a stroke last week. As a 10-year cancer survivor, recurrence is always the first concern when anything happens. They put her in the hospital, of … Continue Reading →

Walk This Way

Daddy died three years ago, and there are still days when I an hardly catch my breath from the sheer sadness of that loss. I’ll spot an old guy in … Continue Reading →

By the Sea

Dear Friends, Last weekend, I experienced one of the most joyful times of my life. We introduced our baby grandson, Coby, to the ocean for the first time. He is … Continue Reading →