Sturgeon Moon – Rafting in the Grand Canyon

  Almost two years ago, our dear friends from the beach invited us to come along with them on an adventure that Marcel (76 years old at the time) had … Continue Reading →

Mr. Wallace Goes to Washington

“All I really want to do in my whole life is go to see George Washington’s house!” Coby said one day last spring when I picked him up from school. … Continue Reading →

Rocking the Jar Salad

                    Last week, Mack and I took a great road trip down a portion of Old Route 66. We were able … Continue Reading →


    I have wanted to visit Taos, New Mexico since my freshman year at Texas Tech in 1973. Back then, all of the cool kids went to Taos on … Continue Reading →


  Sugarman has been working up in Montana for the past few weeks, and so I’ve been traveling with him. What a treat! It is beautiful, cool, and very different … Continue Reading →

Camino de Santiago On my 50th birthday, I took a life-changing journey along the Camino de Santiago. This is one of the three most important Christian pilgrimages (the other two being Jerusalem … Continue Reading →

All Who Wander are Not Lost

It is a well known fact that I am directionally challenged. I can’t read a map to save my life. For years, I thought that “north” meant “up.” This is … Continue Reading →