Rocking the Jar Salad

                    Last week, Mack and I took a great road trip down a portion of Old Route 66. We were able … Continue Reading →


PIE!   There’s really nothing better than a good, homemade pie. When I think of pie, I think of my favorite actor, Andy Griffith, in that sweet little movie, Waitress. … Continue Reading →

An Unbirthday cake

Perusing the pages of Pinterest while on vacation last week, I came across the cutest idea for a cake, and I couldn’t wait to get home to try the idea … Continue Reading →

The Staff of Life….Family

My sister, a stay-at-home mom of 5, homeschooler, great wife, and all around good-gal, has had to go to work this summer. As happens with most of us at some … Continue Reading →